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Newburgh Free Library Podcast

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Episode 4: Databases

Podcast notes

This month we’re talking about Newburgh Free Library’s databases. Beth Zambito shares with us some of her favorite databases and how to access them! Did you know you can learn a new language using out newest database- Rosetta Stone! Tune in to get all the details!



Episode 3: DVDs

Podcast notes

This month we are talking about our DVD collection. Did you know you can put holds on any DVD you want? Each month we have new releases that you can be put on hold for. In other words, if you don’t see it on our shelves when you come in, we can put a hold on a copy for you. When it’s ready for pick up, you can come in and check it out. This also holds true for books and audio books.


Episode 2: Town Branch

Podcast notes

This month we’re going to talk about the Newburgh Free Library’s Town Branch. Located at the Newburgh Mall, this little branch packs a large punch! You can sign up for a library card, place holds and attend awesome programs for all ages. The Branch Librarian Heather Gorman discusses all the fun things to do while you ‘shop’ for books.

Contact us by visiting 1401 Route 300 in Newburgh.

Email Heather with any questions you might have at

Next month, we’ll discuss book clubs and how the library can benefit your book club meetings in unexpected ways.


Episode 1: Introduction and this month’s events

Podcast notes

Hi! This is Heather Gorman. I’m a librarian at the Newburgh Free Library. And this is episode one of the Newburgh Free Library’s monthly podcast where we bring you the latest in library events, resources, and community news. I will also be interviewing library staff and community members. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me at

I’m recording in the Ref. work room at the main library. We have two locations. The main library is located a 124 Grand St in Newburgh and our branch is located in the Newburgh Mall at 1401 Route 300 in Newburgh